The RGB mosaic is built from Landsat GeoCover 2000,
15-metre false colour data (7,4,2 channels).

After several treatments allowing to rebuild the RGB (3,2,1) channels,
a colour treatment, which uses the RGB channels of the true-colour
Global Mosaic image, and a series of manual treatments are used

in order to get homogeneous colours and reduce the cloud cover percentage,
for underwater lands as well as oceans and coastlines.
This allows to combine accuracy and homogeneity of the GeoCover (7,4,2) mosaic, while obtaining a very realistic result in true colours.


A version 2 of the RGB mosaic has been finalised in 2017 so as to get an almost entirely cloud-free mosaic, notably over tropical and equatorial regions.
This treatment makes use of two additional channels (infrared and near infra-red):