vieWTerra Base is a set of combined whole Earth mosaics, including Antarctica:
a 15m global true-colour imagery mosaic, built from Landsat 7 satellite imagery, accompanied by a 90m global elevation/bathymetry mosaic and a 29m global Land Cover mosaic.
The RGB mosaic is built from Landsat GeoCover 2000, 15m false-colour data (7,4,2 channels) and true-colour data (RGB channels). It is available at 29 metres in vieWTerra Platform format, and at 14,5 metres in GeoTIFF format.

The 90m global DEM mosaic derives from best available data, allowing to make up for the missing data in the SRTM version and provide for more accurate coastal regions. It is available in GeoTIFF and vieWTerra Platform format.

Bathymetry (seabeds) at a 90m resolution is also supplied in vieWTerra Platform format, resampled from the 928m SRTM Plus bathymetric data. It comprises 90m precise data around all US coastlines, and 180m precise data around all European coastlines, in the White Sea, the Barents Sea, the Greenland Sea, the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, the North Atlantic Ocean part, the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea and the Hawaiian Islands. The 29m global Land Cover mosaic is based on various sources (USGS GLC 2000, Corine, Global Forest Change, SRTM Water Body), which comprises a hundred different classes, including percentage of forest cover information, as well as a layer indicating the presence of water, in order to accurately locate all water bodies: oceans, lakes and rivers.
It is supplied in vieWTerra Platform format.