VWORLD SAS is a software development company specialized in real-time 3D terrain visualization, provider of Geospatial and Simulation solutions, which has built itself around the commercialization of the VWorldTerrain© proprietary procedural rendering technology. It publishes and commercializes its own vieWTerra Suite line of software and terrain database products and co-produces products under the vieWTerra label, and also sells associated software development services or custom database treatment:

- vieWTerra Evolution “GIS and Simulation” 4D Earth Viewer & Platform Off-Line or On-Line middleware platform: visualization, data integration, scene & scenario building viewer and development platform
- vieWTerra Base 15m true-colour Imagery, 90m DEM, 29m Land Cover set of global mosaics
- vieWTerra Mobile Web-browser based cross-platform 3D Earth Viewer application

VWORLD was formed in May 2004 on the basis of years of research pursued in the Video Game industry on how to render large outdoor scenes in real-time 3D. It is headquartered in the Center of Excellence Jean-Louis, Fréjus, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France. Today it counts customers in the Aeronautics, Space, Defence & Civil Security, Town & Country Planning, Energy and Education sectors, including world-renowned contractors.