VWorldTerrain Technology

VWorldTerrain© technology is based on an original concept of procedural calculations, tailor-made for real-time 3D terrain rendering. It allows to display infinite worlds in a seamless way:
e.g. entire Earth from Space
with any element defined down to the centimeter:

Combined with massive satellite data (Imagery, DEM, LandCover, meteorological data) or other types of data (aerial imagery, GIS info, footprints, Ecoregions) it allows to render geotypical to geospecific 3D scenes around the entire surface of Planet Earth with a high level of detail and great feeling of immersion. VWorldTerrain therefore recreates all types of true-to-life 3D landscapes (deserts, forests, mountains, cities, etc) with accurate topography and local vegetation, variable weather conditions (wind, rain, snow, mist, sand and snowstorms...) and advancing time (night-day continuum, management of seasons, dynamic shadows and lights). Its Globe rendering algorithms would also allow to render other celestial bodies in the Solar system such as Mars or the Moon.

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