vieWTerra Sensors

vieWTerra Sensors is a 4D Earth viewer dedicated to multi-sensor simulation, producing a geotypical procedural representation of the entire Globe and a geospecific static representation of areas of interest for ground to satellite applications.

vieWTerra Sensors is the product of a joint development effort between sensor simulation European leader OKTAL-SE and VWORLD. Based on characteristics of the vieWTerra Evolution Viewer, it notably allows completely standalone integration of geospecific 3D datasets inserts offering IR characterization at any given area of the Earth.

Blagnac Sensors

The infrared scene in vieWTerra Sensors is computed by OKTAL-SE's infrared real-time rendering engine, which has been used for more than 15 years by the French DGA (Ministry of Defence) and major systems integrators such as MBDA, in the frame of IR guidance, recognition and tracking systems. It combines the performance of GPU techniques in order to ensure real-time computation of large scenes in SWIR, MWIR and LWIR bands and the high realism of infrared images thanks to a validated physics-based engine.

OKTAL-SE is a world leader in developing software for simulating and visualizing sensors across the Electro-Optical, Radar/RF and GPS/GNSS fields. The company is well established in the Defence market, in particular in the missile seeker design and qualification both in the EO and Radar domains. Since 2010, OKTAL-SE has branched out into Aeronautics with studies about Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS) used for easy take-off and landing.

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