vieWTerra Mobile

The vieWTerra Mobile 3D Earth viewer is a plugin-free online Earth Viewer which allows its users to freely visualize and travel the Globe on all axes. vieWTerra Mobile is directly accessible from your Web browser and can therefore be consulted on any PC, tablet and smartphone.

vieWTerra Mobile comprises the vieWTerra Base set of global 29m Imagery, 90m DEM mosaics (colour-balanced, cloud-free and artifacts corrected). It also offers the following additional functionalities:

Blagnac Sensors

- Instant upload of photographs, which are displayed at their real location on the Globe, either directly georeferenced from your smartphone or tablet out in the field (provided it uses a compatible navigator) or from your collection of available georeferenced photos on your desktop
- Display of toponyms worldwide: 5 million+ references for the names of countries, cities, seas, mountains, etc.
- Access to and overlay of Open Geospatial Consortium-supplied WMS/WMTS cartography, accurate Imagery or other types of layers
- GIS Tools : measure distances, height, surface area, profile
- Overlay of additional assets, such as shapefiles or csv files from your own collection, locally on your PC
- Augmented 3D: Visualize your own moves on the fly directly into the vieWTerra Mobile application following the orientation and position of your mobile device (e.g. when travelling in a plane, train, automobile or on foot, etc.)

When used as an extension to a vieWTerra Evolution On-line License, it also allows:

- Display and share with your fellow co-workers or community members your own additional accurate Imagery, DEM, 3D Objects, 3D Terrain Objects (DEM models out of e.g. precise photogrammetry or Lidar acquisition), shapefiles, CSV files, icons, etc.
- Display and share additional 2D or 3D geospatial data (geotagged information/ metadata attached to objects or terrain such as PDFs, photos, illustrations/graph images, 3D inserts, videos, audio recordings …)
- Access to and overlay of your own privately-built WMS/WMTS layers

Since vieWTerra Mobile and vieWTerra Evolution both share the same global database, datasets and assets can be uploaded to your own proprietary web server using the vieWTerra Access server access module, back office and server set-up service- coming with the vieWTerra Evolution Online License. Selected members of your organisation can therefore use their dedicated version of vieWTerra Mobile in the office or remotely out in the field, containing all of your organization's uploaded assets for further analysis on-site, provided that they get access to a reliable Internet connection (or access to your organization's private Intranet network).

For optimum use on portable devices, mid-range to high-end tablets and smartphones are advised, so as to offer a RAM capacity of 4-8GB and a powerful processor.

vieWTerra Mobile also offers a complete SDK allowing users to customize vieWTerra Mobile (under HTML5 standard and using HTML/JavaScript/PHP languages) or integrate vieWTerra Mobile into their own solutions. The SDK offers 130+ easy to use high level JavaScript functions which also allow the integration of shapefiles or CSV files containing georeferenced information, 3D Objects, 3D Terrain Objects, etc.

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