Use cases

The following are examples of products and solutions making use of our vieWTerra Evolution Platform (formerly vieWTerra) flagship middleware product and/or VWorldTerrain© technology in various industries:

Oil& Gas:

Geoscience Publishing Platform - PC / Windows tablets.
vieWTerra Evolution On-Line
has been chosen as technology platform solution to build the Digital Immersive Geosciences (DIG) platform product by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) in order to create the first interactive digital publishing medium for Petroleum geologists & geoscientists.
The DIG platform, subject of a partnership between AAPG and VWORLD, is scheduled for a first release on PCs and Windows tablet devices and is to be used both in on-line and off-line mode, either for viewing-only or data integration and publishing purposes. Co-production: AAPG/VWORLD (2016 - 2017)

Town and Country Planning:

HTML5 cross-platform Internet application without plug-in, running on PC, Android, IOS and smartphones.
TerraWeb3D is based on the Globe rendering functionalities offered by VWorldTerrain 3D real-time rendering technology. Publisher: IGO (2012)


C4ISR system - Linux version.
vieWTerra Platform off-line has been selected by Thales Communications & Security’s IMINT department to be used as 3D terrain generation software for the visualization needs of their MINDS (Multisensor image INterpretation and Dissemination System) solution, within Thales’s family of C4ISR (Computerized Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) systems. vieWTerra was running on Thales’s demonstrators on the Paris Le Bourget Air Show 2011.


Massively Multiplayer Role-Playing Game (MMORPG), PC.
The Dark and Light MMORPG made use of VWorldTerrain technology as the core technology responsible for the creation of its large terrain and meteorology system. Publisher: Farlan Entertainement (2006)


Edutainment software / interactive atlas, PC.
Eingana was the first product in the world to present the entire surface of Planet Earth in real-time 3D, on two CD-ROMs. It showcased all the procedural rendering principles and Globe viewing qualities of VWorldTerrain technology. Publishers: EMG / M-Sat Planet Observer / Hachette Multimedia (2001)