Pierre Esquier, TOTAL, Technical Communication Manager for Exploration Division, March 2017:

"With all the features contained in DIG, we are convinced that the ultimate step for a safe, low-cost, and smart integration of analog surface information into subsurface models is now at our doorstep. And this is finally why it has been equally easy for TOTAL to decide to become an early sponsor of the project."

Jim Blankenship, Geoscience Director for AAPG, August 2016:

"Imagine sitting at your desk and being able to see, study, and experience rocks, outcrops, and geologic formations that are thousands of miles away," [...]"Partnering with VWORLD has enabled us to take that next step and use the latest technology to develop a true, immersive experience."


Jerry Jefferis, AAPG Project Manager for the DIG program:

"VWORLD was a logical fit for the partnership based on their GIS and Simulation software experience across multiple industries."


Sunan Liang, VP/CTO, Hongyu, China Aerospace Science & Technology Corp, August 2015:

"We have been cooperating with VWORLD company for a couple of years. vieWTerra, the key product of VWORLD, is an excellent 4D real-time environment simulation engine. We have been using vieWTerra in Chinese Space and Defense areas; in Space area vieWTerra can simulate satellite remote sensing operations, and in Ground defense area it can simulate ground radar efficiency, the line-of-sight which is blocked by terrain. Also in Civil area, by using vieWTerra, we build a large scenario with thousands of windmills. vieWTerra is excellent for the openness of its platform, many users can extend the capability by themselves using OpenGL 5 [....] Current version of software is already approved for many ground and low space segment areas."


Raymond Fest, IMINT Dept Director, Thales Communications & Security, Nov 2011:

"Thales Communications & Security thanks you for the results obtained in the integration of your 3D terrain rendering vieWTerra in our Multi-sensor INterpretation and Dissemination System (MINDS). You, your team, your software performed admirably during this integration and helped to forward the understanding of future requirements in the surveillance platforms and Imagery exploitation."