vieWTerra Sensors is a 4D Earth viewer dedicated to multi-sensor simulation, combining sensor simulation EU leader OKTAL-SE's expertise with VWORLD's vieWTerra Evolution Viewer 3D real-time rendering capabilities. It produces a geotypical procedural representation of the entire Globe and a geospecific static representation of areas of interest for ground to satellite applications.

vieWTerra Sensors software features

vieWTerra Sensors mixes 3 approaches:

  1. Real-time infrared rendering anywhere on Earth
  2. Integration of Areas of Interest
  3. Dynamic rendering of all types of weather, allowing for real-time changes

Manages close-up precision as well as infinite view distances

Main characteristics:

  • Automatic generation of a WGS84 ellipsoidal Earth terrain model
  • Land-Air-Sea-Space immersive environment
  • Real-time 3D procedural rendering algorithms
  • Includes VWORLD's vieWTerra Base set of global mosaics: 29m Imagery, 90m DEM, 29m Land Cover worldwide
  • Standalone application for integration of geospecific 3D datasets inserts within the procedural environment at any given area
  • Virtual resolution up to 1 cm for the whole Planet
  • 500+ objects and ground types library
  • SWIR, MWIR and LWIR infrared rendering
  • Compatibility with OKTAL-SE's SE-FAST-IG: capability to be integrated in a standard simulator
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