vieWTerra Evolution

The vieWTerra Evolution Platform allows our customers in the Modeling & Simulation and Geospatial industries to integrate their own satellite (Imagery, DEM, Land Cover) or aerial data, and assets (3D objects, buildings and dynamic entities, shapefiles, footprint data, etc) on a strikingly realistic 4D Earth Viewer in order to create their own custom georeferenced 3D scenes and scenarios at any location on Earth, and also build continuous Earth-Space applications beyond strastophere level, in a fast and convenient manner from their own PCs.

vieWTerra Evolution- Kourou Ariane 5 spaceport - 3D real-time Earth Viewer: visualize and travel the entire surface of the Earth in all directions from the seabeds to outer Space; set in a solar system including the Moon, the Sun, Mars and the stars
- File and Data Stream Import: integrate more accurate data in GeoTIFF and DTED format as well as shapefiles, 3D objects, KML/KMZ files; access WMS or WMTS data streams served by public or privately-held servers
- 3D Editor Tool and other embedded tools/ functionalities: custom-build and record 3D scenes and scenarios using dynamic controls and user-controllable assets in a very intuitive manner; use complementary GIS Tools to conduct further analysis
- SDK/libraries: 500+ functions for advanced users to program applications in C/C++, and integrate their own physics, animations, trajectories, special effects, GUI, interface with UDPs…

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